How to Recover Deleted Call History: 100% Easy & Working Trick

Sometimes we lose our data mostly, call History & especially we miss some vital number that doesn’t save. So, we want to Recover Deleted Call History.

Maybe the reasons are varied person to person & whatever the reason you are here it means you want to Recover deleted call log from sim.

Recently we Restored our Call Logs & History by using the Call log recovery app, also you can use it to recover your data.

Let’s explore the process we are going to discuss all methods step by step you just have to follow them exactly.

How to Recover Deleted Call History?

First Install & Open the App then give Permission now choose Call history then export your Call history to CSV & download. finally, your deleted call history was recovered.

  1. Install & Open Call History Backup & Recover App.
  2. Give permission to Recover Call History.
  3. Go to the Call History option.
  4. Export & Download Deleted Call History.

Maybe you are confused by these short steps so, we are going to explain all steps in detail. After following the steps you can get the Call History of Any Number.

1. Install & Open Call History Backup & Recover App.

if you want to recover your deleted call history you have to use an App from the play store & we have added the link to help you.

Recover Deleted Call History

First, you have to install the app then you have to Open the App on your device, the Install button is given in the below section.

After Installing the App you now have to Open the App to get all your deleted Call Logs.

2. Give permission to Recover Call History.

When you open the App you have to give permissions as you can see in the below image…

Recover Deleted Call History

After you click on the “Yes, I am agree” button you have to give more 3 permission, by clicking on Allow option.

Recover Deleted Call History

3. Go to the Call History option.

Now you can see all the history on the Dashboard, now you have to choose the Call History option in the call manager section.

Recover Deleted Call History

4. Export & Download Deleted Call History.

Now you have to Export the history, but how don’t worry command in the below image just watch & follow.

Recover Deleted Call History

When you go to export a file is ready for you, by which you can see all deleted Call history or you can share also. as shown in the below image.

Recover Deleted Call History

This is a very simple method to Recover Deleted Call History, but exactly not, some paid platforms can help you to Recover Deleted Call History, but these types of apps just pretend like this.

So, you don’t install these kinds of Apps from the Play Store if you want to get the call history of any number then you can get it from the Service Provider. Because you may delete your call logs from your device but you can’t remove them from the service provider…

If you want to recover deleted call log from sim provider then follow the instructions…

How to Recover Deleted Call Log from SIM?

You can easily Recover Deleted Call Log from SIM because you can’t delete your Call Logs or History from your Sim card Provider Company.

So, we can easily recover our data from our service provider but there are different SIM providers if we use Airtel Sim then we have to Contact Airtel Company for Deleted History.

All Companies have Official websites or Applications to manage our personal data or usage Control. So, you have to follow some steps that mention below.

  • Login to your Account
  • Go to Usage Details
  • Go for Detailed Usage Statement.
  • Choose the Time Period [Max Time Period is 6 Months].
  • Finally, Download your Deleted Call Log from SIM.

Maybe some steps are different for different companies but these are the core steps, if you want a detailed explanation then comment below we add it in the next update.

These are the complete steps to recover deleted call logs via SIM if you still have some confusion then watch the below video we have added for Jio Sim Card.

How to recover deleted call history from Truecaller?

Truecaller is a widely used app in India to know unknown caller identity but we can also, recover deleted call history from Truecaller. but how?

recover deleted call history from Truecaller

If we delete our Call Logs or History from Phone Dialer Also, History removed from Truecaller so, it is a common question to we Recover our Deleted Call Logs. but you can restore your history by following the below steps.

  • Open Trucaller App on your Mobile phone.
  • Click on Triple Dot, in the top right corner.
  • Go to the Setting option.
  • Choose the Backup & turn on the Backup option.
  • Add your Google Account in which you want to store data.
  • Now you can easily Restore your Deleted Call history anytime.

It means if you want to get your deleted call logs then you have to pre-plan for it, first set up your backup option & then you can restore your data anytime…

How to recover deleted call history from Google?

Not only Call History we can easily restore our whole phone data from Google, but here is the catch we have to take a backup first then we can easily restore it anytime.

Here we can use Google Drive’s 15 GB free storage for taking backups & which is sufficient for a normal user, if go for official use the may need more storage.

  1. Set up backup on your Device via Call manager apps.
  2. Take backup regularly in a certain time frame.
  3. Finally, restore your deleted call history from Google anytime.

may you confuse with Call Manager Apps which one is legit & good so, we can help you with this on the next update we added some Best Call Manager Apps that you can use.

Now let’s discuss some FAQs on the Recovery of Deleted Call Logs…

Can I Recover Deleted Call History?

Yes, you can easily recover deleted call history.

Which app can recover deleted call history?

To Recover Deleted Call History use the official App of Sim Companies.

Is it possible to recover deleted call history without backup?

Yes, you can get all history from your service provider, because you can’t delete history from the service provider.

Can I recover deleted call records?

Yes, but you have to some paid third-party software…


Here you learn how to Recover Deleted Call History, but if still you have any doubts then ask in the comment section…

Hopefully, you can understand the process of call history recovery if you like the explanations, then share this content with your friends.

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