How To Use OYO Money: Everything You Need to Know

Hello readers, if you’re searching for How to use OYO Money or want to Redeem OYO Money from your OYO account then you are at the right place.

Recently I referred some of my friends to OYO app because of which I received around 1036 rupees in MY OYO Money account. And after doing some research, I figured out how I can use my OYO money.

So in this article, I’m sharing the complete process by which I used my OYO money and you can also use your OYO money by following the same steps.

So without any further ado let’s see how we can use our OYO money.

How To Use OYO Money?

Login to Your OYO Account, Search Desired Hotel, Choose OYO Money As the Payment Option and Pay the Remaining Amount.

  1. Login to Your OYO Account
  2. Search For Desired Hotel
  3. Choose OYO Money As Payment Option
  4. Pay Remaining Amount

You can use your OYO money for booking hotel rooms, food, laundry, and some other services provided by OYO within their app.

Now let’s see the process of using your OYO money for Hotel booking.

Above given are the steps to use your OYO money for hotel bookings. I’ve explained the same steps below for better understanding.

1. Login to Your OYO Account

To use your OYO money first of all you need to login to your OYO account on your Desktop or Mobile Phone.

2. Search For Desired Hotel

Once you’re logged in to your account, you need to search for the hotel rooms in the desired location where you require a room.

Once you’ve entered your desired location various OYO hotels/rooms will appear on your screen.

From these multiple hotels, you need to choose the hotel rooms which are allowing you to use your OYO money for booking.

3. Choose OYO Money As a Payment Option

Once you’ve finalized the preferred hotel according to your need, you now need to select “OYO Money” as your payment method.

The option to select OYO money as a payment option is right below the hotel booking page, you just need to scroll down a bit.

Here you’ll be shown how much OYO money will be used for that particular booking. Generally, you can use up to 25% of the hotel room price from your OYO money.

You can also refer to the image below for your convenience.

Use OYO Money

But this amount varies from hotel to hotel, so make sure you check offers from all the hotels that are offering you rooms in your location and select the one which provides the most usage of your OYO Money.

4. Pay Remaining Amount

Once you’ve selected the OYO money as the payment option, just click now on Pay Now and now you’ll be redirected to the payment page.

Here you’ll be able to see the final price that you need to pay for your booking of this hotel room.

Use OYO Money

As you can see in the image above in my case, Rs 202 of OYO money has been used for the booking of this room. Now you just have to pay the remaining amount and your OYO money will be used for the booking of this room.

Also, You can Learn from by watching this video.

Important Things to Remember:

Before using your OYO money you should keep some things in mind which are as follows:

  1. You cannot use 100% of the OYO money for only one booking maximum of 25% of the hotel room price can be used for 1 booking.
  2. You cannot use OYO money if you have more OYO rupee than the hotel price.

Also, many users I’ve seen ask these questions about OYO money so I’ve discussed them all below, make sure you give them a read.

How Much OYO Money Can Be Used In One Booking?

You can use up to 25% of the hotel price for one booking. Though the number of OYO money being used for hotel booking totally depends on the offers propounded by the Hotel.

Can You use 100% of the OYO Money for Hotel Booking?

No, you cannot sue 100% of the OYO money for hotel booking.

How Can You Use OYO Money?

You can use your OYO money for hotel booking, laundry, food orders, etc, and some other services provided by OYO.

How to Earn OYO Money?

You can earn OYO money by referring your friends to OYO app by using your referral link and you’ll earn some awards when your friend stays in any hotel. Another way to earn OYO Money is loyalty rewards which means you’ll earn some amount of OYO money when you stay in OYo hotels frequently.


So that was the process of How To Use OYO Money for hotel bookings.

I hope I was able to help you with your query.

If you have any more doubts about using your OYO money then you can ask us through the comment section below.

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