How to Check Airtel Call History: 100% Working Trick

Are you also using an Airtel SIM? And want to get his call history? So don’t worry, today in this post I will tell you how you can get the call history of any number by following a few steps.

I know many people face difficulties when they want to check the Call history, and also they don’t know the Right process.

There are multiple ways of getting Airtel call History, But in this post, I am going to discuss How you can get your call history Using email ID or SMS.

You can check only 6-month-old call History, so here is the step-by-step process to follow up. I hope you will also get your call history through the given Process.

How To Check Airtel Call History?

To check Airtel Call History Using SMS and Email ID, here is the complete Process, Compose an SMS to 121 by writing EPREBILL-MONTH-MAIL ID, you will get a password in the reply, remember it, that opens the mail, open the mail that came, and the whole process will be written in it, click on the same mail, Enter the password to check call history.

  • Open Your Message” counter
  • Click the “Plus icon” on the top
  • Send The “SMS to 121
  • You will get a “Password” in reply
  • Open Your Gmail app, and “check the mail
  • Click On it, then “Enter the Password

By following those processes, you can easily get your Airtel Call History, also I have discussed the same process step by step with a screenshot, so you will help to understand Properly.

1. “Open Your Message” counter

To check the Airtel call history on your mobile, you need the registered mobile number & a valid email ID, In the first step open your message counter.

2. Click the “Plus icon” on the top

After that, you can see at the top of your message count that a plush Icon is shown, you will need to click on this Icon.

How to check Airtel Call History


After a new message page appears, prepare the SMS before sending it to customer care. Write EPREBILL then Space, write the month’s first 3 letters, then write your valid email ID.

Airtel Call History

4. Send The “SMS to 121”

Now your SMS Is ready to send, type the customer care SMS number “121” In the recipient section, after that click on the send button.

5. You will get a “Password” in reply

After successfully sending the SMS, you will get a reply from Airtel, A password must also have come with this SMS, make sure to remember the password for the next step.

Airtel Call History

6. Open Your Gmail app, and “check the mail”

Then Open Your Gmail app, and you will also get a mail of Airtel call history PDF, to see this PDF list, you can simply click on this.

Airtel Call History

The process has also been told in it, how to see the call history, you can follow that too.

Airtel Call History

7. Click On it, then “Enter the Password”

After opening the document, you need to put the password in this section and click the “Go” button.

Airtel Call History

Here is the Complete detailed list of Airtel Call History, the complete process is ended, and you can access this document any time through this password.

Airtel Call History

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Let’s understand the process via a video, hopefully, you can understand the process easily by this video…

Let’s Discuss some FAQs that are mostly asked on the Internet…

Can I check the call history on the Airtel App?

If you want to check your call history using the Airtel app, so send an SMS by writing “EPREBILL-MONTH-MAIL ID” to “121” Number.

How can I see my call history?

You can see your call History through a simple SMS to 121 on your registered mobile number.

How can I check my mobile call history online?

For checking mobile call history online SMS is a proven method.

How do I download my call log history?

Download the Call Log:
Step 1: Open the Phone app on your device.
Step 2: Tap on “Recents” or “Call History”.
Step 3: Tap on the “Menu” or “More” button in the upper right corner.
Step 4: Select “Export” or “Share” from the menu.
Step 5: Choose the format to export the call log (CSV or PDF).
Step 6: Then save the file on your device.

Final Point:

The Process of checking Airtel call history is very simple, you can also check by Sending an SMS to 121 from your Registered Mobile Number. Already I have discussed the complete process.

If you want to learn the practical process through a video, I embed it above section, you can check it also, Still, If you face any difficulties, then comment to me, and I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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