How To Delete Ajio Order History: 3 Easy Steps in 2023

Are you want to Delete Ajio Order History…user has many reasons to Clear Ajio Order History like to surprise someone, keep it private, etc.

Ajio is a popular online fashion platform that offers a wide range of products from various brands. With just a few clicks, you can order clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Recently I am trying to clear my order history from Ajio, I just follow 3 easy steps that you can also follow.

Just follow the steps one by one to Delete your History. Let’s start the process…

How To Delete Ajio Order History?

To delete Ajio Order History, Open Email & Click On Compose, Write a mail to “[email protected]“, Then click on Send Button. So to do the process properly and successfully follow the given steps, that I explain using proper images.

  1. Open Email & Click On Compose
  2. Write a mail to Ajio
  3. Click on Send Button.

There has no direct option to delete Your Ajio order history, Ajio does not provide a direct option to delete your history, So You need to send an email to the Ajio customer care team, then ask them to clear your Ajio Order History.

1. Open Email & Click On Compose

Open Your Email application or on a web browser using Chrome, you can follow the same process on both devices (Mobile/PC/Laptop).

To write the email first you have to click on the “Compose” Option In the top left corner (for Pc/laptop), If you want to follow the process on your Mobile, the “compose” option, can be at the bottom of the page.

2. Write a Mail to Ajio Customer Care

After Clicking on the “compose” option, next enter the email Id in the address in the “To” section: (TO – [email protected]), and in the Subject, section write “Request to delete my Ajio order history or I want to delete my Order History.

3. Type your text & Click on Send Button

As You can see in the image, in the same way, you have to write your request email. Add your proper account Name, Mobile number, Mail Id, Name, etc. Once you write the mail, recheck again and click on the Send Button.

Here I added the Format of Mail, to make it easier for you to delete your Ajio order history, I am providing a message format that you can simply copy and replace with your own user details:

TO – [email protected]

Subject – Request to delete my order history

Dear Ajio Team,

I have an account named [your Ajio account name] connected to the mobile number [your mobile number]. I don’t want to see my order history show on my application.

Therefore, I request you to delete my Ajio order history. if you need any other information then contact me at the given number.

Mobile Number – [your mobile number]
Mail Id – [your mail Id]

Thanks & Best Regards
[Your Name]

Also, I have added a video on Deleting Ajio Order History, which can be helpful, If you want to follow the process through a visual guide, the video is the best solution, the steps by step methods are explained in this video guide.

I hope, after watching the video, you must have understood the process better, still, if you have any other doubts, then comment below.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I delete my Ajio order history?

To Delete Your Ajio order History, there has no straightforward option, so you may need to contact customer care at Ajio ([email protected]).

Can I permanently remove my order history from Ajio?

Yes, You can permanently remove your Order history from Ajio, but for some processes, you have to follow, it can be possible through Ajio customer care support.

Will deleting my Ajio order history impact my account in any way?

Deleting your Ajio order history will not affect your account in any way.

Can we delete the order history from Myntra?

Yes, It is possible the delete your order history from Myntra.


Deleting your order history on Ajio can be necessary for various reasons, and the process to do so is relatively simple.

By following the steps provided in this guide, you can send an email to Ajio customer care requesting for your order history to be permanently deleted.

Although there is no direct option to delete your order history on Ajio, this guide provides a proven method to get it done.

If you still have any doubts or questions, the FAQs section can be useful, I provide answers to some of the common queries related to deleting your Ajio order history.

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