3 Easy steps to delete Swiggy order history in 2022

Swiggy is a very popular food delivery Service Sometimes our friends & family member use our device to order food Swiggy at that moment we don’t want to show our Order history to them. that’s why we want to delete Swiggy Order History.

If you really Want to delete Swiggy order history then you are now in the right place, just follow some steps to delete your Swiggy history.

Swiggy provides an online platform for ordering food from its nearby partner restaurant. They have their delivery man deliver to the customer’s doorsteps. it’s very easy for us to order food on Swiggy.

I also Delete my Swiggy Order History by this method, just mentioned the process in the below section. you have to step-wise to delete your history.

How to delete Swiggy order history

First, Open your Email app and click on “Compose”. Then Fill up the ‘To’ & ‘Subject’ section address to send mail should be [email protected] and the subject should be “want to delete my order history” Now Type a message & send it.

  1. Open the Email & click on “Compose”
  2. Fill up the ‘To’ & ‘Subject’ section
  3. Type a message & send it

In the Swiggy application, there is no such feature to delete order history. we have to mail them for our job to be done directly & the message format is given below.

Without wasting any more time let’s head toward the process. Let’s explore these three steps one by one for a better understanding.

1. Open the Email & click on “Compose”

You can either use your PC or mobile to send them mail. Open your Email and click on “Compose”. The mobile compose option is at the bottom of the screen and on your PC it is at the top left corner.

How to delete Swiggy order history

2. Fill up the ‘To’ & ‘Subject’ section

After clicking on “Compose” fill in the details given below. The mail address where we are mailing should be [email protected] and in the subject, section type request to delete order history.

How to delete Swiggy order history

3. Type a message & send it

Now write your message with your account information then send it. you can write the message as given in the below image.

How to delete Swiggy order history

Now I am adding the message format just copy & replace it with your user details to delete Swiggy Order History.

TO – [email protected]

Subject – Request to delete my order history

Dear Swiggy Team,

I have an account named [your Swiggy account name] connected to the mobile number [your mobile number]. I don’t want to see my order history show on my application.

Therefore, I request you to delete my swiggy order history. if you need any other information then contact me at the given number.

Mobile Number – [your mobile number]
Mail Id – [your mail Id]

Thanks & Best Regards
[Your Name]

If you face any problems during the process then have a look at the video given below to help yourself.

I hope after watching this video don’t have any doubts about How to delete Swiggy order history. Let’s discuss some FAQs on Swiggy.

Q1 – What are the services of Swiggy?

Ans: Swiggy is India’s largest online food item ordering & delivery chain, it also tops the chart of India’s Unicorn startup lists. It’s a Bangalore-based startup that started in 2014, and as of now, it’s expanded to more than 100 Indian cities.

Q2 – Who is the owner of Swiggy?

Ans: Sriharsha Majety is the co-founder of Swiggy and he is also the CEO of Swiggy.

Q3 – What is Swiggy Customer care number?

Ans: Swiggy does not have any customer care number or helpline.

Q4 – Which is bigger Swiggy or Zomato?

Ans: Recently Zomato has managed to get ahead of Swiggy in Food delivery service. Company investment in commerce business plays a big role in it.


I hope the Article “delete Swiggy order history” becomes helpful for you. If you find any trouble in your process and are unable to understand some points then tell me in the comment section. I will try my best to give you the answers that you desire.

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