3 Simple Steps to close axis bank Credit card

Are you unhappy with Axis Bank Credit Card Service & Are you want to Close Axis Bank Credit Card Service?

3 Simple Steps to close axis bank Credit card, and the process takes up to 15 minutes only to close the service.

There are several ways are available to close the axis bank credit card, but all methods are not working for everybody. Also, I found 3 proven ways for this particular problem.

After reading the complete post you have got the knowledge how you can close your credit card by following some easy steps. So, let’s start the process…

Close Axis Bank Credit Card
How to close axis bank credit card

Axis Bank Credit card Cancellation online

If you are looking for a way to close a credit card without going anywhere, the online closing and cancellation process is for you.

If you want to know the closing process online, then read those 3 simple ways. Here are the ways, I discussed all the steps briefly, to close the card you have to follow all the steps.

1# Close the Credit Card Via Email

The first online method is via email, this is a useful and proven way. Simply follow the given steps and close your credit card Easily.

To close the credit card Via email you have to write some words, Clarify your problem in this email.

Make sure to mention the necessary details on this: Ex. Cardholder’s Name, address, date of birth, Credit card Number, and Mobile Number.

That Information should be perfect with all information, then your mail is ready to send on the axis bank official email ID.

If you want to know How to write an email, then follow the given process.

Step 1: Open your Gmail app

Step 2: Click on Compose Mail

Step 3: Write the Mail

Close axis bank credit card
Close axis bank Credit card via email

Step 4: After that Send the Mail

The Most Important thing is, that you do not mention the credit card Secret details on this email like a PIN or CVV number, either that will create a problem for you.

After that, send the mail to the branch email Id: [email protected]

2# Close the credit card by customer care Number

Axis Bank has given a facility for their customer, you can solve your problem by calling their official phone number.

Similarly, If you want to close your credit card, then call this given number.

After receiving this call, they can ask you some questions for verification purposes, you will reply to all the answers correctly, like Name, Date of birth, card number, etc.

The Numbers are: 1-860-500-5555, and 1-860-419-5555

3# Close axis bank Credit card by SMS

To close the credit card through SMS, you have to send a request from your registered mobile number to 5676782. This is also an easy method to close Axis bank credit cards.

First, you write BLOCK XXXX and enter the last 4 digits of your credit card in the same cross sign. Keep in mind in this SMS should contain your name, date of birth, and personal details.

  • Your email Id should be registered
  • Open the Axis bank official site
  • Then, click on the contact us page
  • Click on the Web chat option
close axis bank Credit card
  • Enter registered email and mobile number
  • Then, enter a captcha and click on Start Chatting
close axis bank Credit card
  • After that, verify using OTP and Captcha
close axis bank Credit card
  • This service is open between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • First Write- I want to close my axis bank Credit card
  • I provided the process of chatting in this image, follow it
close axis bank Credit card

How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card Offline

If the online process is not helpful for you, then you should go to the branch of axis bank. Keep in mind, when you go for axis bank have to take the necessary documents and details.

After visiting the bank, you will be given a closure form, In which You have to fill the form with personal and card details, then submit this form.

Things Should Pay attention While Closing Axis Credit Card

Before closing the axis bank credit card, You should pay attention to some things, Because there may create problems in the future. I will share some important points, make sure to keep them in your mind.

There are a few things you need to remember before closing your Axis Bank credit card:

Fill out all your outstanding balance on the card If there is any remaining balance, contact Axis Bank for instructions on how to repay them.

Make sure you have received a confirmation email confirming that the card has been closed. If you haven’t received this email, please check your spam folder.

Please do not open any new accounts or use the card for any other transactions until you’ve contacted Axis Bank and received instructions on how to do so.

Consequences of Closing Your Axis Credit Card

Closing your Axis credit card will have many consequences that you need to pay attention to. Here are some important points:

  • You will not access your account funds, and maybe you can face financial problems.
  • Your credit score and Cibil score may decrease, and it may be difficult to get approval for other loans or credit cards in the future.
  • You may also experience increased owing costs and interest rates while owning the money in the future.
  • It can be difficult to find another credit card that offers the same benefits as your original Axis card.

How to Reactivate a closed Credit Card

When you go to close the Axis Bank credit card, you have to find out whether it can be reactivated again? Because if there is a need in the future, you can use it again.

Friends, to reactivate a Closed credit card, a request form has to be given to the bank with all the details and information.

If all your verification is correct, and your card is eligible for re-activation, it will be re-activated by the bank authorities.

But for this, you will have to go to the bank, along with information like registered mobile number, card details, date of birth, etc.

Q1 – How can I close my Axis Bank Credit Card?

There are several ways available to close the axis bank credit card: Via Email, Using a customer care Number, by SMS, and also you can try the offline method.

Q2 – Can I close my Credit Card Online?

Yes, You can close the axis bank credit card online: By sending an email, calling a customer care Number, or by SMS.

Q3 – How Can I Cancel my Axis Bank Credit Card By SMS?

If you want to close the credit card by SMS, then you have to send a request from your registered mobile number to 5676782. Simply write BLOCK XXXX and enter the last 4 digits of your credit card in the same cross sign.

Q4 – What is the toll-free number of Axis Bank?

(855)205-5577 is the toll-free number of the axis bank.


Now I hope you are not going to search “How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card” again because here we discuss 3 best and simple ways.

I shared all the essential information about closing an axis bank credit card. If you follow the given instruction, then you will be able to Close the axis bank credit card successfully.

if you have any doubts then you can ask me on Comment, if you like the post the check some related content for great experience…

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  1. First you need to close your Pay Later account by calling -:_6297-892-291. Axis bank customer care. Then the partner bank will deactivate your loan account. After this, it will be removed from your CIBIL score within 2-3 months.


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