How to Reset the Xbox One: 100% Easy & Working Steps

Hey Does your Xbox console not work properly as before troubleshooting again and again, or maybe facing another issue so maybe you should reset it? Resetting can resolve your problem.

Well, most gamers like you, have no idea How to Reset the Xbox One, so we brought this guide to help you to reset. so if you want to reset it you need to know about the types of reset There are three types of reset we can do in the box one.

First is Soft reset, Second is Hard Reset and third is Factor reset. So let’s start with the “soft Reset” Soft reset refers to Restarting your console. The second is “Hard Reset” We do hard reset when the becomes inresponsive to do it we just have to hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds till it powers down properly.

The third is Factory reset If you are facing troubleshooting again and again and soft and hard resets are not able to fix it then you will have to perform a factory reset. this will erase all the saved data and install games after resetting. Let’s start the process just follow step by step…

How to reset the Xbox One?

To Reset the Xbox One Access the Troubleshoot Menu then Select “Reset This Xbox” Now choose the option to reset finally, Setup your Console…

  1. Access the Troubleshoot Menu
  2. Select “Reset This Xbox”
  3. Choose the option to reset
  4. Setup your Console

Let’s explore all the steps in detail that help you understand properly…

1. Access the Troubleshoot Menu

To Access the troubleshooting menu turn off your console by pressing the power button and then turn it on again by pressing the power button. Now press and hold the eject and pair button together Make sure you keep holding it until you land on the troubleshoot option on the screen.

reset the Xbox One
reset the Xbox One

2. Select “Reset This Xbox”

Now you need to select the “Reset This Xbox” option given on the screen. now you will have two options to select you need to select one option between those.

reset the Xbox One

3. Choose the option to reset

The two options you have on the screen:

  • The first one is to keep games and apps:
  • The second one is Remove Everything

If you choose the first option then the all data you saved such as game settings and home Xbox association will be erased the only games and apps you can save and after resetting you need to set it again.

reset the Xbox One

If you choose the second option the option to remove everything it will erase everything including your saved game settings and installed apps and games.

4. Setup your Console

Whatever you choose doesn’t matter you need to set up the console after resetting. let’s suppose I don’t want to erase my games so I choose the first option and simply tap on it.

reset the Xbox One

Once you select it you will be able to hear the power down the sound it will be restarted again and moved to the setup screen. till during all processes make sure you don’t disconnect your console from the power button.

After the process, you will be on the setup screen now set up your console as usual and restore your previous settings.

How to reset the Xbox One from Settings?

To Reset the Xbox One from the settings, you have to follow all the steps mentioned in the below section.

reset the Xbox One

1. Go to Settings: Open the settings Now you can see more options given there on the right side of the screen You need to go to “System”.
reset the Xbox One

2. Go to consol Info: Once you are on the system option the first option you can see is “Console Info”.
reset the Xbox One

3. Select Reset: Once you tap on Console info and then select reset your console at the bottom you can see the two options.

  • Reset and Remove Everything
  • Reset and keep my games and apps
reset the Xbox One

4. Choose an option and reset: Here you need to choose an option you want and select the option. now your console will start the resetting process.

If you want to do an Xbox One factory Reset then ask us in the comment section We will update this post soon. Now we are going to add a related video, that can help you to understand properly…

Let’s discuss some FAQs, that asked many times on the Internet on behalf of Xbox One…

How do I fix the black screen of death on my Xbox One?

To fix this problem you need to reset your Xbox One console you can reset it by going into the troubleshooting option or from the settings you can also reset your console.

How do I factory reset my Xbox One without losing everything?

You can’t reset without losing your data You can save only installed games and apps apart from that all data such as game settings all be erased.

How do I reset my Xbox One and delete everything?

If you want to reset your Xbox One and delete everything then while resetting you will get two options first is reset and remove everything and the second is reset and keep games and apps.

How do I reset my Xbox One if it’s stuck on the green screen?

Xbox One if it’s stuck on the green screen then you have the option to reset your console to resolve it and it works.


Make sure you will not have any problems while resetting your console if you follow the steps given in the guide. I hope you like the if you like guide so don’t forget to share it and let us know in the comments if you like it.

but if you have any kind of question or query related to how to reset the Xbox One you can comment below with your question we will try to respond to you soon.

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