How To Cancel Mcafee Subscription: Get 100% Refund Amount

Do you want to change your preference of antivirus, or might have another reason and now you are looking for canceling your subscription of McAfee antivirus? But have no idea how to cancel McAfee subscription don’t worry In this post I will guide you step by step.

Well, no doubt mcafee is a great antivirus but many times it uses a lot of system resources, which can slow down your laptop/ computer, that’s why some people change McAfee antivirus.

You need to remember that you can cancel it within 30 days if you have an annual subscription plan. The refund on cancellation applies to those who have McAfee yearly subscription.

Now without wasting time let’s talk about how to cancel Mcafee subscription and get up to 100% refund.

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription

To cancel your McAfee Subscription open McAfee’s official website, log in to your McAfee account then Go to Auto-Renewal and Switch it off, now Cancel your Subscription then tap on Refund Process then Finally, click on Request a refund.

Cancel McAfee Subscription

Well if you reach here that means you have an annual subscription to Mcafee and you want to cancel now. Right? Simply follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go to the McAfee official website
  • log in to your McAfee account
  • Go to Auto-Renewal
  • Switch it off
  • Cancel your Subscription
  • Refund Process
  • Request a refund
  • End the Contract and accept the refund

1. Go to the McAfee official website

To cancel a McAfee subscription online go to the official website and search on Google Mcafee on the top of the result page you will be able to see click on it.

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription

2. log in to your McAfee account

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription

Now you have to log in to your McAfee account. Click on the menu given top of the right-hand corner now click to log in. By entering your login details you can log into your account.

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription

3. Go to Auto-Renewal

After login to your account click on the square box given above left-hand side and beside the logout click on it.

Now you can see the “My Account ” section in this section lactate Auto-Renewal and click on it.

4. Switch it off

Once you click on “Auto Renewal” the next page will open where you can see auto-renewal will be “On” Click on “Update settings ” and switch it off.

5. Cancel your Subscription

In the next step, another page will open as you can see in the image. Here you will get 3 options 1. Contact Support 2. Keep My Subscription 3. End My Subscription.

Click on the last one “End My Subscription” to cancel your McAfee subscription.

6. Refund Process

Now you have successfully cancelled your Mcafee subscription to get a refund you have to check first if are you eligible for a refund or not.

so if you are cancelling this subscription within 30 days of your purchase or 60 days of your Auto Renewal date of subscription then you are eligible for a refund.

Or you can ask their virtual assistant also. If you are eligible for a refund then follow the steps given below.

7. Request a refund

how to cancel McAfee subscription and get a refund?

To request a refund you need to go here or you can also Click Here. A page will open see the image also an option is given here “Request A Refund”

Simply click on it it will take you to another page here you have to select your country and preferred language so that they will assist you very well.

In the next step, you need to give a reason why you need a refund and click to refund.

8. End the Contract and accept the refund

At the end, they confirm from you to cancel your subscription and refund you just simply click on End Contract and accept a refund.

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription on mobile

To Cancel McAfee Subscription on mobile, open McAfee App on your device then Login to your account now go to the auto-renewal section then End your membership.

How To Cancel McAfee Subscription on mobile

If you use McAfee on your mobile phone and you want to cancel your Subscription then you have to follow some steps below.

  • Install App
  • Login to account
  • go to auto-renewal
  • End membership

1. Install App

Open the Google play store on your device and type in the search bar “Mcafee” You will get its official app simply Click on install., to download Mcafee App.

2. Login to account

Once you Installed open the app it asks you to log in. login into the app with your login details.

3. go to auto-renewal

Tab to the setting icon at the bottom then tap My account here you will get an auto-renewal option.

4. End membership

Same as we have done on PC we will do it here also when you tapped on auto renewal you can then it’s on here update its settings, click on “update settings”

it will open a new window so here you will get three options Contact support, keep my membership and End my membership.

Click on End My Membership to Cancel your Mcafee subscription through this way you can cancel your subscription.

McAfee Cancel The Subscription Phone Number

Well if you want to cancel your McAfee subscription through the call you can do this also by contacting these numbers according to your region.

Country Phone Number
United State ( US )1-866-622-2332
India1800 227 6237
Australia1300 734 233
United Kingdom ( UK )0800 068 8114

FAQ On Canceling McAfee subscription

Can You Get A Refund From McAfee?

Yes, If you have McAfee annual subscription. If you cancel its subscription within 30 days you can get a refund.

Is it easy to cancel McAfee?

Yes, it is easy to cancel a McAfee subscription online you can simply cancel it through its official website.

Can I cancel my Mcafee subscription on mobile?

Yes, you can definitely cancel your McAfee mobile subscription by downloading the McAfee app from the Google play store.

how does Mcafee take time to respond to successful cancellation?

Mcafee usually takes 24 – 48 hours to respond when your cancellation will be successful you will get an email.


We have explained everything and every step in detail We Hope this guide will be helpful for you.

McAfee offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee that helps you a lot to try out this antivirus once. Then if you want you can cancel it by following our above steps.

If you faced any problems don’t say, describe your problem in the comment section we will help you, If you like our post then share it with your close one who wants to Cancel Mcafee subscription.

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